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Hometaste is for everyone. We gather Aunties and Uncles under the platform and only selling home-cooked meals. However, with overloaded dishes provided, we came out the idea of Premium Food. 

Home-cooked Dinner Subscription

Due to the overwhelming response for home-cooked lunch delivery, then we launched our dinner in October with subscription-based to cater for families.

How to order?

4 Benefits of Home-cooking

There are several benefits to home-feeding as oppose to eating from a restaurant or by the road side. According to a study published on The Star Online in 2014, they found out that 64% of[...]

Bringing the China home-cooked culture to you!


Secret to getting RM10 off your meal.

They say love is sharing. What other way is best to share love if not through food? People who give you their food, also give you a piece of their hearts.

Hometaste is all about sharing


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