Secret to getting RM10 off your meal.

They say love is sharing. What other way is best to share love if not through food? People who give you their food, also give you a piece of their hearts.

Hometaste is all about sharing

The purpose of Hometaste is to promote home-catering. Home-catering being the very core of Hometaste’s very existence, sparked the initiative of delivering meals that are home-cooked. These meals are prepared by our chefs, otherwise known as "aunties".  Why aunties? Because for majority of people, the true feeling of home comes with the presence of a mother. And we can't deny that mother’s cooking is the best. We also have a few uncles that - without a doubt- have proven to be equally up to the task.


meal Sharing culture starting from a dining table


RM10 Discount for you to SHARE

The concept of sharing is pretty simple. To share, one needs to purchase for a group. All purchases above RM60 will be rewarded with RM10 discount.


You might be wondering how one could purchase for a group. Let's give an instance:

Let's say five friends are to have lunch together. When they get to the hometaste website, one of them decides to place an order for 5 different dishes along with rice for him and his friends. Now with this, the total of his purchase rounds up to RM65 (RM13 per person). Since his purchase qualifies them for the RM10 sharing discount, he then applies the promo code, thus saving him and his friends' pockets.

Reason behind sharing.

The fellowship of companions to eat together is one of the motives of Hometaste to provide meals. We want our customers to cultivate a culture of dining together with friends, colleagues or friends. To encourage sharing, Hometaste lets you have a choice of getting a combination of different dishes that could be shared amongst you and your friends or family.

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